Reviews, Awards, etc.

Award-winning productions I’ve been in include:

Dead Destination, Feature Film, Bohemian Beaumont Films
Various categories, Stormy Weather Horror Fest, 2019
Semi finalist, AltFF Alternative Film Festival, 2019

Mona, Feature Film, AEA Films
Best Film, Luxor African Film Festival, 2016

Olive Green, Feature Film, Ekstasy
Gold Dolphin Award, 2015, Cannes

The Unlucky Mother, Short Film, Tales From The Motherland
Senior Silver Winner, Commonwealth Vision Awards, 2011


Richard III, International Actors Ensemble/Circle in the Sand/Alex Theatre
“There is a brilliant scene where two murderers, played by David Meadows and David France, discuss a murder they’ve been asked to commit. It’s the kind of scene that could be cut in the interests of shortening the play – all we really need to know is whether or not the murderers did their job – but the two Davids make it a powerful piece of drama and I actually forgot about the main storyline for a while; I forgot that I knew very well whether the person in question was murdered or not – the conversation was so interesting and involving, it became, briefly, more important than anything else in the play. This production has numerous scenes like that and this attention to detail from the actors even in the smallest roles makes the piece even more exciting.”

Tea With The Old Queen, Graham Woolnough Productions
“It’s a long time since I have laughed so much throughout a production. David France gives a tour-de-force performance as Billy Tallon, aka Backstairs Billy, the butler to the late Queen Mother. He is both moving and hysterically funny. The production is faultless with splendid lighting by Richard Casell and is written and directed with panache by Graham Woolnough. Definitely a must-see.”